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Our e-learning platform can issue two different completion certificates:

  • Qualification theory examination
  • Online Learning Completion

Qualification theory examinations

These certificates confirm the student has successfully passed the theory part of a formal ITRA competency assessed qualification. Students need to provide this to their assessor prior to being formally assessed. The assessor will verify the result using this verification tool. The assessor may challenge the student on their theoretical requirements to ensure authenticity of their examination completion. Examination results are not indicative of completion of an ITRA qualification. Once the student has passed all parts required for assessment, their qualification achievement will be recorded on their ITRA Record of Learning.

To check the credentials of an ITRA member, scan their QR code or search our directory.

Online Learning Completion

These certificates confirm the student has attended an online learning activity toward an ITRA learning objective or other training requirement. It does not provide credit towards an ITRA qualification, however if the activity is for a specific ITRA learning objective some online courses may result in the respective learning objective credited as attended (not assessed) on their ITRA Record on Learning.

If you have an online learning completion you would like attendance credited to your ITRA Record of Learning click here.