Accepted Industry References

To assist students with their technical rescue learning and assessment, ITRA in accordance with our Assessment Charter provides a list of “accepted industry references”.

ITRA Qualification Syllabus

Developed and launched in 2018, the suite of ITRA Technical Rescue Qualifications provide the platform to our training system. Instructors for each respective discipline and level can teach from the comprehensive list of teaching points, providing flexibility to meet local requirements. Candidates can also be assessed for competence against the full range of teaching points in that qualification to be awarded the formal ITRA qualification (i.e. ITRA Rope 1) etc.

Updated versions will be posted here as they come available.

ITRA Introductory Course Outlines

ITRA offers attendance based training options known as our introductory series. These courses are mirrored to our assessment based qualifications to provide clients standardised training, but without the expectation of formal assessment. Students can go onto being assessed for the ITRA qualifications.

ITRA Code of Professional Conduct

All members (excluding student members) are subject to the ITRA Code of Professional Conduct. Any concerns or complaints about a member should be addressed to

ITRA Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

In detail, we outline the benefits of becoming an annual corporate sponsor of ITRA. Check out the below matrix document and please contact with any questions.

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