New Members

Before you start, please ensure you have ready:

Credit card details for payment

PDF copies (or cloud folder URL) of your relevant rescue certifications

CV/Resume’ if you are applying to become an instructor

A suitable (head and shoulders) photo (i.e. JPG, BMP etc)

Then go to our wufoo form to apply for membership. 

Instructor Candidates

Our cross credit period for instructors with non-ITRA qualifications has now finished.

To become a full/regular member, you now also must hold an ITRA qualification (Level 1 or higher).

This means in most cases, instructor candidates will need to follow the below process:

  1. Successfully complete an ITRA Level 2 or 3 Assessment (search our directory for your nearest Registered Assessor)
    1. Assessment fees include a complimentary student membership so you can be issued an ITM login (database), or you can join as as Associate Member and upgrade (paying the difference) later.
  2. Apply to become an ITRA Instructor using the form available on ITM (using your ITM login) or contact us
    1. Submit a portfolio for review by a panel that demonstrates your experience in instructing in that subject/to that level
    2. Portfolios should include a Resume’/Curriculum Vitae AND copies of qualifications/certifications/awards (not just a CV)
    3. We highly recommend that you have completed an instructor workshop with an ITRA Instructor
    4. Provide two letters of recommendation ideally from ITRA Instructors for your appointment as an ITRA Instructor
    5. Provide a list/report of technical rescue instructing experience (printing your ITM attendance report is a good option)
    6. For Tactical rope instructor candidates, you will need to provide an official letter of recommendation from a law enforcement or military unit.
    7. For Inert Confined Space instructor  candidates, you will need to show significant experience with the API standard.
    8. An Instructor Application fee is also required to be paid.
  3. Instructor candidates may also be required to attend an online or telephone interview/s with the panel or designed Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). If you are seeking appointment across multiple subjects (i.e. USAR, Rope, Swiftwater), you may be required to attend subject specific interviews (online).
  4. Instructor candidates are also required to successfully complete the ITRA Instructor Webinar (ITRA Learning Objectives #100 and #372).

* Cross credit applications have closed for rope and swiftwater. Animal, confined space and USAR are available until 31 March 2020, however the above process still applies with the exception of step 1 (completion of assessment). The Board may make variations at its discretion.