Schedule of Fees

Record of Learning $ Free (self print if member or printed by instructor)

Adding Student to ITM $ Free (where added by instructor)

Event Skill Sheet $ Free (where printed by instructor)

Assessment Fee $100 plus $25 for additional levels being directly assessed. Includes non-transferable 12 month student membership if not already held. +$10 if invoice requested (non-paypal)

Attendance Certificate $10 (billed quarterly)

Qualification Certificate $40 plus postage

Plastic QR (ID) Card $20 includes standard postage worldwide.

SMS fee $5 per month if used, plus 75c per text message (billed quarterly)

Annual Membership Dues Regular (voting) $150 | Associate (non voting) $75 | Student (non voting) $25

Annual Assessor Registration $150

ITM Organisational Zone add $100 once off

ITM Custom Course Template $50 initial or subsequent revision

All prices in USD unless otherwise noted and correct as at 24 June 2020. Subject to change without notification.