ITRA now has the LearnDash e-learning platform which provides a small collection of non-technical administrative courses to our members such.

We also plan to use the platform to provide online examination for the theory (knowledge) elements of our qualifications, allowing summative assessments to focus on the practical aspects.

If you are not a member, join now to get your ITRA number. Memberships start at USD$25 per year for a student membership. E-Learning courses have varying additional fees. 

Once you are a member, you will be provided a login to our ITM database and an additional login will be sent to you from our e-learning system also.

Please note both our online learning platform and ITM database are designed to work with Windows OS using Chrome browser. 

We do not provide support for users of other systems.

To access technical training courses, please search our directory to find your nearest ITRA Instructor.

Click here to see our range of e-learning courses. All prices mentioned are in US dollars, unless otherwise specified.