ITRA Rope Rescue

Rope rescue is one of the many disciplines within technical rescue. It is a foundational skill that utilizes rope and related equipment to safely gain access and assist in the extrication of a victim. The use of rope rescue systems are used by rescuers in mountain, wilderness, wildland fire REMS, and industrial situations. This can be on very steep, sloped terrain as well as completely vertical, free-hanging environments.

Rope Rescue Introduction Courses

ITRA has standardized three introductory certificate courses. These are attendanced based courses without independant assessment of skills.

Introduction to Rope Responder (IRR)

Intro to Rope Responder (IRR) is an entry-level course for rope rescue professionals. The primary focus of an IRR is personal high angle skills and team low angle skills. This course is the foundation needed to future training and certification.

Introduction to Rope Technician (IRT)

Intro to Rope Technician (IRT) takes your individual high angle skills to the next level and begins the journey into rope rescue physics. This course builds on the IRR course and prepares individuals to assist in team based technical high angle rescues.

Introduction to Rope Advanced (IRA)

Intro to Rope Advanced (IRA) is designed to train rope technicians (or equivalent) to a specialized level. This course takes your rope knowledge, skill set, and understanding of physics beyond level 2 training. The advanced course is for those seeking to be team leaders, rope leads for complex technical rescues, lead riggers, and anyone who wants to take their rope skills further.

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Rope Rescue Qualification Courses

Qualification certificates can be earned through two different methods.

Post Course Assessment

Students can be assessed by an independant third party assessor following the completion of an introductory course. After successfully being assessed, the appropriate certificate will be awarded.

  • Introduction To Rope Responder -> Rope Rescue Level 1
  • Introduction To Rope Technician -> Rope Rescue Level 2
  • Introduction To Rope Advanced -> Rope Rescue Level 3

Direct Assessment

Students also have the opportunity to directly assess at the level of their choice without first attending an introductory course.

For more information please see the documents in our document library.

Custom Rope Rescue Courses

The ITRA system allows for the creation of custom “attendance” courses based on the needs of individuals and organizations. These custom courses can utilize the same learning objectives used in “introductory” and “qualification” courses but are tailored to specific needs of end users. This can include local requirements and guidance from other organizations such as NFPA, IRATA and SPRAT. To find out more about custom courses, contact an ITRA instructor in your area.

For more information please see the documents in our document library.

Rope Rescue Working Group

The ITRA Rope Rescue curriculum is maintained by the Rope Rescue Working Group. You can contact the Rope Rescue Working Group directly using the following form.

Contact the ITRA Rope Working Group