ITRA Assessment System


Now have a watch of this short video with some of our inaugural registered assessors talking about the ITRA assessment system.

Some points of clarification.

1. Instructors are not automatically assessors.

Instructors were originally going be able to assess others, but we introduced an assessor course/appointment process. So now only instructors who go on to become assessors can assess our qualifications. Instructors can teach i.e. award attendance based learning objectives/programmes (such as ITRA Introduction to Emergency Driving (On-Road)).

2. There are a number of key documents that help our assessment system.

Assessment Charter

The overarching policy for ITRA assessments is the Assessment Charter. This contains general policies as well as subject specific policies (sub-charters). The Assessment Charter is approved by the Board of Directors following consultation with the membership. Working Groups for each subject assist with the revision of their respective sub-charter. This is available from ITM documents.

Discrepancies List

Developed by each subject working group and approved by the Board of Directors, these lists provide criterial for minor and major failures during assessment that can lead to a candidate being assessed as not yet competent (failed). These are available in ITM documents.

Practice Notes

Practice notes are temporary position statements, policies or recommendations for assessment that are issued by the Board of Directors in between the periodic revision of the Assessment Charter or other key documents. It allows for a timely correction or clarification to be made without a full revision of the Assessment Charter which requires membership consultation. These are available in ITM documents for all members to access.

Qualification Syllabus

The current version of the ITRA qualification syllabus is always publicly available on our website.

Previous versions are available in ITM documents.

Instructor Handbook

This document is for Instructors and Assessors to provide direction around training and assessment administration. It is available to instructor candidates and instructors via ITM documents.