George Sakellariou

George Sakellariou

George was elected to the ITRA Board of Directors in September 2021, after active participation as an instructor and assessor in ITRA. George’s current job description includes being the Rope Access Manager for Applus+ in Middle East, as well as Rescue Instructor and Head of the company’s standby rescue team which he founded in 2016, specializing in evacuation and the provision of advanced prehospital care & rescue of workers in remote, austere locations.

Growing up next to the mountains, George spent most of his youth in the outdoors, hiking, rafting, climbing and paragliding, but emigrating to the Alps in 2006, gave him the opportunity to get really involved with most climbing disciplines including Mountain Rescue (for around 9 years), which has developed into a vast number of trips all over the world.

A graduate of Coventry University in Technical Response and Incident Management in Specialist Rescue, he has been also a climbing instructor, rope access technician, medic and technical rescue instructor for over 17 years. He has a great understanding of technical rope rescue which enables him to deliver training and assessment to a high standard across all disciplines.
He is a member of IRATA Middle East Regional Committee (RAC) since 2012.

George holds the following qualifications:
• ITRA Registered Assessor
• ITRA Instructor: Rope (Levels 1-3)
• ITRA Instructor: Confined Space (Levels 1-3)
• ITRA Instructor: Tactical (Levels 1-3)