Dario Arancibia

Director and Training Manager of Outdoor Safety Chile, founded in 2016, which provides technical rescue, mountain rescue, search and rescue operations and wilderness risk management training. Studies in Tourism, mountain and climbing guide and instructor of Chilean Mountain Guide Association. Instructor of Lost Person Behavior and ITRA Rope 3 Instructor.  Co-founder of the NGO Mountain and Climbing Safety Commission, an organization with the purpose of keeping statistics of mountain accidents, as well as promoting mountain safety and rescue. President of ACGM (Chilean Association of Mountain Guides), where he worked on the development of the training standard and as an instructor for guide training.

Dario grew up in Santiago, the capital of Chile, right next the Central Andes. With 30 years experience in mountaineering, he spent most of his youth climbing mountains, opened several routes,  and his first ascent was in the Chilean Andes. He has taken trips and expeditions to many places including Patagonia, South Ice field, Cordillera Blanca, Alaska, Yosemite and the Alps.  He is an Honorary Member of the Cuerpo de Socorro Andino de Chile since 2002 (Chilean Andean Rescue Team), where he was an active volunteer for over 16 years, serving for some periods as Technical Director of the organization. He began working as a mountain guide and after a few years, shifted his focus to working as a mountain, climbing and technical rescue instructor.

Dario holds the following qualifications:

  • ITRA Instructor Rope Level 3