Bishnu Gurung

A member of the Board of Directors – since 2022 – and a founding member for ITRA, Bishnu Gurung, also known as BG, comes from a long line of Himalayan adventurers that hale from Nepal.

BG is extremely passionate about nature! He spent his childhood days playing by the cool Himalayan rivers and by night he would calm his mind, body and soul by the warm, blazing campfire. BG’s full-time profession is to run, organize and lead whitewater rafting expeditions around the world.

Seeing ITRA’s wonderful success in supporting other people by teaching hands-on skills, BG’s dream is to promote ITRA internationally. As a rope and water instructor, he spends his time instructing enthusiastic individuals his priceless experiences. As well as being a teacher, BG is always a keen learner, always seeking for an opportunity to learn.

As a volunteer for ITRA, he holds the following qualifications:

ITRA Registered Assessor

ITRA Instructor: Water level 2

ITRA Instructor: Rope level 1

Last but not the least, BG loves climbing. So much so that not only is it his hobby, but he has put his life on the line for his passion; After climbing Mount Everest in 2019, he is now amongst the world’s 0.0000008%!