About ITRA

The International Technical Rescue Association (ITRA) is a non-profit trade association, established by technical rescue practitioners for technical rescue practitioners. We exist to provide global recognition of technical rescue practitioners including instructors. We have developed a global syllabus to compliment national standards, allowing local flexibility with global recognition.

ITRA Governorship

ITRA is governed by a Board of Directors who are elected by the ITRA membership and serve three-year terms. All regular members in good standing who meet eligibility requirements may apply and run for a position on the Board Of Directors.

ITRA is fortunate to have the support of MMCo, an association management company based in Wayne, PA, USA and have engaged them to provide operating and administrative services for the association.


  • To promote international best practices and standards for technical rescue.
  • To improve the global portability and recognition of professional rescue qualifications.
  • To provide local flexibility in delivering technical rescue training curriculum.

Vision, Mission, And Values

VISION : Our Hope

  • A collaborative and professional global technical rescue industry.

MISSION : What we do

  1. Recognise and document locally delivered training according to global best practices.
  2. Provide independent competency-based assessments for instructors and technical rescuers.
  3. Maintain a global central database of training records for members.
  4. Share safety-related lessons learned from technical rescue activities to prevent harm.

VALUES : How we do it


  1. Training and assessment systems developed by industry for industry.
  2. A non-profit entity that is driven by and accountable to its membership.
  3. Instructors and Practitioners maintain their currency through robust re-certification process.
  4. Members acting in accordance with a professional Code of Conduct.


  1. Meaningful and genuine consultation with members on our work.
  2. Active use of social media to engage and keep members informed.
  3. Annual disclosure of our activities and finances to our members.
  4. Public register of qualified practitioners, instructors and assessors.

Working together:

  1. To share knowledge, skills, and experiences across all disciplines of technical rescue.
  2. Establish an international reporting system to highlight safety concerns within the industry.
  3. To review and enhance rescue and rescue related training and assessment standards.
  4. To foster collaborative interaction and professional development within the industry.
  5. Membership adds value to individuals and organizations.

Legal Status

The International Technical Rescue Association is a non-profit corporation, registered in the state of Pennsylvania, USA under the administration of MMCo.