Instructor Insurance

ITRA is committed to developing creative solutions to the needs of our membership. To that regard ITRA has developed a General & Professional Liability Insurance Program for our instructor members that protects them from liability associated with their instructor activities.

As an instructor it can be difficult to find and obtain the appropriate insurance, our program was created to cover those activities associated with instructors operations in North America. Our program is administered by Buddy Insurance.

Insurance limits an be purchased as noted below:

  • $ 50,000 Occurrence Limit / $100,000 Policy Limit
  • $ 100,000 Occurrence Limit / $200,000 Policy Limit
  • $ 500,000 Occurrence Limit / $1,000,000 Policy Limit

Premium indications can be obtained by completing the instructor insurance application form and sending it to If you have any questions while completing the application please email Buddy Insurance at the same address.

We hope in due course we can offer additional occurrence limits and packages for instructors outside of North America too.