ITRA has released version 3 of its qualification curriculum today, with the release of a new tactical rope responder endorsement, new swiftwater vehicle rescue qualification, and minor changes to the wider curriculum as part of fine tuning the syllabus and preparing for the wider roll-out of assessment systems.

New Qualifications

The new ITRA Level 1 Tactical Rope Responder (T1) qualification is a co-requisite with the existing ITRA Level 1 Rope Responder (R1) qualification. It can also be taken as an attendance only course (Introduction to Tactical Rope Responder – ITR).

The Swiftwater Level 3A curriculum has been updated including separating out vehicle rescue as its own Level 3 qualification (ITRA Level 3 Swiftwater Vehicle Rescue). Existing ITRA Level 3A Instructors have already had their permissions updated on ITM to extend to vehicle rescue. New instructor applications for Swiftwater Level 3V will need to demonstrate appropriate experience in swiftwater vehicle rescue instruction.

Some learning objectives from the ITRA Level 3 Rope Advanced qualification have been made optional, allowing instructors qualified at this level able to teach them, with students not requiring to be assessed in the skill if they are being assessed at that level.

New Additional Designations

Additional Designations are learning objectives that can be taught by approved instructors to provide further flexibility with course design and delivery. They are not available to be assessed as they are not part of a formal ITRA qualification, but can be added to attendance based courses to maximise customized learning. Instructors need an ITRA Instructor qualification in the subject area and provide additional evidence that they are competent to instruct the respective learning objective. ITRA Instructors can apply for additional designations at