ITRA is seeking expressions of interest and feedback on it’s proposed Recognised Device Programme (RDP).

The RDP answers the call of Instructor’s who want to be able to list specific device training on student records.

As with other learning objectives on an ITRA Record of Learning (student transcript), the objective is not assessed for competence as it is introductory only. As additional designations, Instructors with appropriate expertise can have a device added to the list of learning objectives they are able to teach.

Recognised devices can come from a range of disciplines and cover equipment such as descenders, harnesses, rescue craft, capture devices, personal floatation vests, helmets, gas detectors, shoring equipment, drysuits, ropes, ascenders, belay devices, backup devices, rope protectors, reach pole systems, tactical devices and more.

Manufacturers trigger an RDP being added to the ITRA database and website list with an initial and annual fee, giving their product more brand exposure to students and instructors alike. Devices must already have a relevant third party certification (i.e. EN, NFPA etc) if applicable.

For further information on the programme please download the RDP concept note.

If you want further information please contact us.

Subject to sufficient interest, we plan to offer this programme from the start of 2020.