The new ITRA global training database project commenced today with the selection of Mission Control’s Integrated Training Management (ITM) system. The new database will allow ITRA instructors to easily add student achievement of learning objectives from the ITRA qualifications syllabus, with students being able to be given a print out copy of their Record of Learning at the conclusion of each course.

The Record of Learning also has a QR code that should the student wish to activate by becoming a student member (and paying a small fee), the QR code becomes active to allow for real-time validation of all training undertaken and reported by an ITRA instructor from anywhere around the world. The public URL for each student is encrypted and not based on a sequential number to afford higher security and privacy.

ITM also automates course enrollment and instructors can opt to have their courses listed publicly on the ITRA website. ITM then can manage communications to students from wait lists, joining instructions and automate the generation of official ITRA attendance certificates (a small fee applies to the instructor). This all means in particular for instructors who run a small business, their membership provides them with a powerful course administration system.

A small number of instructors are currently testing the system before a wider roll-out is undertaken in February/March 2019.