In 2019, we held our first ITRA Assessor Course. We are pleased that since then, a number of course participants have completed post-course requirements to become ITRA Registered Assessors.

These Registered Assessors are now available to conduct independent assessments against our qualifications (as per their individual designations). We also have a group of ITRA Provisional Assessors who assisted the piloting of the assessment programme and in turn will be undergoing the ITRA Assessor Course to transition from provisional to registered by the end of the year (2020).

You can search for these assessors by name using our directory should you seek assessment services.

Registered Assessors

  • Craig McClure (US)
  • James Croswell (US)
  • James Falchetto (UAE)
  • Kevin Koprek (US)
  • Kevin Lunnie (US)
  • Martin Barnett (US)
  • Micah Rush (US)
  • Randy MacLean (CAN)
  • Steve Glassey (NZ)
  • Wayne Chapman (US)

Provisional Assessors*

  • Tom Gwilliam (UK)
  • Bill Proctor (AU)
  • Tom Wood (US)
  • Richard Delaney (AU)
  • Bas Den Neijsel (NL)
  • Mike Harvey (NZ)

*  Provisional Assessors Explained

We are thankful to a small group of provisional assessors who have assisted in the operationalization of our assessment system.

Now that we have a pool of registered assessors available, the Board has approved the following conditions for provisional assessors:

• Assessment events may only take place on a case-by-basis as approved by the Board
• Provisional assessors shall only be used where the use of registered assessors is not feasible
• Assessment results are subject to peer review approval (as directed by the respective working group convener) prior to official results being issued
• Candidates must be informed prior to assessment their results are not immediately available and are conditional to peer review approval
• Provisional assessor appointments cease on 31 December 2020.