New qualifications for emergency response driving (on-road, off-road and motorcycle) are now available. Get to your rescues safely!

New qualifications

Following member consultation and support, the International Technical Rescue Association has approved a new suite of emergency response driving qualifications

The new qualifications cover response driving on-road, off-road and motorcycle. Already the working group have drafted their assessment discrepancies list and assessment sub-charter. They now will be working on the assessment tools to support the roll out of the new qualifications. The significant support from the working group has enabled ITRA to introduce these new qualifications without compromising other priorities.

Thank you to all those involved in contributing to the development of our new emergency driving qualifications.

Instructor Applications/Cross Credit

An emergency response driving instructor cross credit process is now available for three months. After this point, new instructors will have to undergo direct assessment.

For existing ITRA Instructors who have significant background instructing emergency response driving wishing to apply to extend their instructor designations to include emergency driving, they should log into ITM and complete the instructor upgrade form (under our cross credit process).

For those who are not yet members of ITRA or are ITRA members without an existing ITRA Instructor qualification, we welcome you to apply under our cross credit process