How do I become a Registered Assessor?

To become a registered ITRA Assessor:

Assessors are appointed by ITRA after undergoing a structured process that requires them to show evidence of experience, qualifications and competency in the areas they wish to assess in. ITRA Assessors are those that are responsible for assessing ITRA Instructors.

The primary role of the assessor is to ensure that each Instructor demonstrates performance of the required competencies in a safe, effective, and professional manner and, in accordance with ITRA systems and standards. Once appointed, assessors may conduct assessment on behalf of ITRA in accordance with the criteria as laid out in this document.

Application process

The following principles apply to the appointment of an Assessor:

  • Applicants must provide relevant and current evidence of experience, qualifications and competency along with two references
  • The Assessor pathway is based on being a current Level 3 & ITRA Instructor
  • Assessors will qualify by means of physically demonstrating (to a current ITRA Instructor/Assessor) an assessment of a student or students
  • This may be facilitated at the same time as Instructor re-qualification
  • The Instructor/Assessor Candidate Skill Sheet is used to record the assessment
  • Assessors must maintain competency (by being a current ITRA Instructor) and access any ITRA updates or training (such as online learning)
  • Those ITRA Assessors currently on the system will remain in that status providing they are current in their chosen discipline at Level 3 and are current Instructors.

The Training and Standards Committee, composed of representatives from the Board of Directors and Working Groups will assess each application.


Two references are required by the applicant.

The references should be:

  • Preferably from an ITRA Instructor or Assessor, or:
  • Other relevant Instructor/Assessor of a recognized organization/company.

The references should not be from:

  • Anyone related to the applicant.


 How to apply

Applicants who believe they have met the above requirement are to apply using the following process.

The process for applying is as follows:

  • Complete the Assessor online application form and attach all the necessary documentation (instructions are contained within the form)
  • Once the application has been received by ITRA, notification will be given that the application is being considered
  • Links of ITRA Assessor material will be sent to the applicant for them to complete
  • The practical assessment may be facilitated at the same time as the applicants Instructor re-qualification
  • Note: Applicants may have to abide by other conditions as set by ITRA, which may change from time to time. This may include mandatory administrative updates which are typically delivered virtually/online.