What happens after I get assessed?

Once you have been successfully assessed by an ITRA Assessor for one of our qualifications, you should have signed the skill assessment result form to confirm the assessment outcome.

From there, you will either be provided a copy of this form, or invited to take a photo (i.e. on your phone) of it. This provides your interim proof of your assessment result. Make sure you leave with a signed copy of your result.

The assessor then has 7 days to report the result to ITRA and if the official ITRA online examination was substituted with an approved alternative assessment (i.e. workbook) then the assessor is also responsible for the ITRA assessment fee.

Once the results are received, the cohorts forms are checked to ensure they are completed correctly and any other documentation requirements have been met by the assessor. If such requirements are not met, the cohort’s assessment results are held until the matter is resolved.

Within 7 days providing the result reporting has met ITRA requirements, the qualification achievement will be recorded on the candidate’s ITRA Record of Learning. You may then also apply for an official printed certificate as well as qualification patches from our website or ITM (these are optional).

We will also automatically issue a qualification e-certificate (PDF) which can be located on your ITM training record.

If you have been waiting more than 14 days for your results to be officially added to your Record of Learning, please contact your assessor in the first instance. If you have no response or are unsatisfied with their response after this time, then contact us.

If you already held the qualification but was assessed as “Not Yet Competent” (failed) and you are within the expiration date of that qualification, a “restricted operator notice” flag is added to your ITRA Record of Learning to disclose the result and employers/clients can make their own determination based on such disclosure.

If you wish to appeal your assessment result, you have 14 days from the assessment date to do so by contacting us.

Remember that though your qualification is valid for three years, you must maintain a minimum of student membership to ensure your QR code/public directory online records remain active. We encourage all graduates of our qualifications to join as a regular (full) member which you can upgrade to, so that you can be active in the association including the opportunity to vote and stand for committees.