What certificates does ITRA offer?

We have four types of certificates that are issued by the association.

The first is an “attendance” certificate, which confirms the student has attended a specific event with one of our instructors. This may range from a 1 hour session to a multi-day workshop. The course title is given by the instructor. Some instructors also choose to provide their own branded certificates for their courses instead.

The next is an “introductory” program certificate, meaning the student has attended/participated in all the learning objectives for an ITRA qualification, but has not been assessed for competency. This certificate is issued by the association to members upon payment of a fee. This may require the student to attend multiple courses in order to be eligible for its award. An example would be the ITRA “Introduction to Rope Responder”.

The third is our practitioner “qualification” certificate, meaning the student has been formally assessed for competency against the respective ITRA qualification. They are required to revalidate this every three years to maintain currency and must also continue to be a member of the association.  An example would be the ITRA “Level 2 Rope Technician” qualification.

Lastly, we have an “appointment” certificate for our instructors.  Instructors must hold a Level 3 qualification in the appropriate discipline, submit an instructor portfolio, and undergo an assessment by an ITRA registered assessor. See more information on how to become an ITRA Instructor in the FAQ.

All the above certificates have a QR code to enable real-time verification, noting that “course’ and “introductory” certificates require the student to be a current member of the association to activate the QR code record.