How do I renew my membership?

As the world’s only trade association for technical rescue, we rely on the support of members such as yourself.

Membership is based on a rolling 12-month period, which begins when your application is approved and payment is received. You will receive notification via email when your membership dues are due, and you can renew your membership using our online renewal form which uses Paypal/credit card. If you have any questions about when your membership is due, please contact the ITRA administrator at

If you prefer to pay using bank wire transfer and/or be issued a formal invoice, please contact our customer service centrePlease note that if you choose to pay via wire transfer, a $50USD transaction fee is required in addition to membership dues.

If your membership has expired:

  • Instructors/Assessors: You are unable to instruct or assess under ITRA or be listed on our directory.
  • Officers/Working Group Members: You are unable to hold office for the association including our working groups
  • Voting: You are no longer eligible to vote or be engaged on matters of consultation (Regular members only)
  • Any insurance arranged via the Association may be void
  • Newsletter: You are unable to be sent or access our newsletter
  • ITM: You are unable access ITM and your QR code/training records/certificates are de-activated.
  • You are unable to enjoy other benefits as your membership level permitted.

Do you collect arrears?

No. Your renewal is effective on the day you renew with no arrears.

Can I backdate courses I have instructed for when I was inactive?

No. For example, if your membership expired in January, and you did not renew your membership until March, then you are not a member during that inactive time and not entitled to member benefits, including providing ITRA recorded courses or assessments if you are qualified to do so.

If my membership has been de-activated due to non-payment of dues, how long will it take to re-activate my membership if I pay my dues?

As soon as payment is received and processed, your record will be re-activated and you will be notified via email.