I am an instructor but not qualified with ACA or RQ3, can I be an instructor with ITRA?

At this stage, we are providing a fast-track for existing ACA or RQ3 instructors to be certified with ITRA. However, such certification is only valid for three years and will require full assessment to re-certify (i.e. fast-track is not available for ITRA instructor recertification and only available for a limited time too). If you have other instructor qualifications and extensive experience with references and formal credentials (i.e. IRATA Trainer, Foundation Degree in Technical Rescue etc), we will consider on a case-by-case basis to provide a fast-track option. In such cases, further evidence, such as video footage, may be required and special conditions imposed. If you have been instructing with no external qualifications, we suggest you wait until open entry instructor assessment becomes available in the future. The administrative process ends 31 December 2019 for cross crediting instructor qualifications.