How do I become an ITRA Instructor (or upgrade)?

To become an ITRA Instructor you will need to hold the ITRA qualification at the level above you seek appointment, in that subject.

You typically, will start off as a Level 1 Instructor after meeting the following requirements:

  • Hold a current ITRA Level 2 qualification in the subject you are seeking to become an instructor in
  • Hold a a current ITRA Regular Membership
  • Be signed off by two ITRA instructors using the Instructor Candidate Skill Sheet (for subject/level sought)
  • Provide evidence of your instructing experience (ideally under an ITRA Instructor)
  • Undertaken an instructor mentoring programme or workshop (recommended)
  • Provide a rescue focused resume/curriculum vitae
  • Holding an adult education/learning qualification is recommended (but not mandatory)
  • Be highly familiar with the ITRA Instructor Manual
  • Be ready for an online video interview by an application review panel
  • Submit additional supporting evidence such as photos and videos of your training (recommended)
  • Complete the ITRA Learning Objectives #100 and #372 available on our e-learning system.

To view the instructor pathway including further details and a copy of the Instructor Candidate Skill Sheet, visit the ITM Instructor Candidate folder under documents (you must have an ITRA membership first.

ITRA does not provide instant instructor courses. From 2020, new instructor applications are reviewed by a panel of experts based on the submission of a portfolio.

For instructors wanting to upgrade from being a Level 1 Instructor, please visit ITM for further information.