How do I get assessed?

So you want to earn an ITRA qualification but don’t know where to start?  This FAQ has the process outlined in detail to help you succeed and join the global elite who also hold ITRA competency and independently assessed qualifications.

Being awarded an ITRA qualification is something that you will be proud of.

To help aspiring candidates to achieve an ITRA qualification through a robust and independent system, we have put together the typical process for success.

The two key parts to an ITRA assessment

As we introduce online theory examinations, the assessment for an ITRA qualification consists of two parts that must be completed in order, within 6 months:

  • Online theory examination – you must pass (70%) an online examination for the respective subject (i.e. USAR) and level (i.e. Level 1-3); and
  • Summative assessment – the final practical assessment undertaken by an independent ITRA Instructor or Assessor.

Typical Assessment Process – A candidate’s guide

  1. Write a plan before you start.
  2. Make sure you are trained, safe and ready. We suggest that you find your nearest ITRA instructor using our directory to undertake your training. They independently set any associated fees for their services.
    • You alternatively may be ready for assessment or have done training without involving an ITRA instructor too.
    • For some qualifications i.e. USAR, you may need to have qualifications in other subjects i.e. rope, confined space.
    • Make sure you feel confident and competent in all the learning objectives outlined in the respective ITRA qualification syllabus including any pre- or co-requisites. 
  3. Join as student or associate member if already not a member. In most See our Membership FAQ for further information.
    • Some ITRA instructors may include student membership as part of their course fees, but this is not mandatory.
    • If you have done your pre-assessment training through ITRA and are doing directly into assessment, your student membership fee is included.
  4. Once you join as a student or associate member, ITRA will send you a login for our online learning system (LearnDash). If you help with your login or password check out our FAQ
  5. Go to our range of online examinations and select the examination you want to sit (enrol in).
    • Log into our LearnDash, then;
    • Select the examination you wish to take from the range of online courses
    • If you are doing an direct entry assessment, you will need to take all the pre-requisite levels if applicable (with associated fee for each).
    • You will need to pay for your online examination fee using Paypal.
    • Make sure that you only enrol when you have time in the following 7 days to sit the timed multi-choice exam
    • If you fail your examination, you have one chance to retake the it but this must be done within the 7 days from enrolment.
    • If you fail your retake you will need to re-enrol (step 5) and pay the fee again after 7 days from your initial enrolment.
  6. When you successfully pass your examination you will be emailed an Online Examination Certificate (OEC)
    • Ensure you save and print a copy of this document and keep these safe
    • If you have not received your OEC within 72 hours, please contact us.
    • You now should be ready for the summative assessment which must be taken within 6 months of the examination result.
  7. Ensure your profile is up to date on our database (ITM)
    • Ensure your profile has an appropriate identification styled photo (head and shoulders) uploaded.
    • Ensure your email, mobile phone, contact details and other details are up to date.
  8. Find an ITRA Assessor and book a summative assessment date . Hopefully you have already done this as part of step 1
    • They must be an instructor for level/subject being assessed
    • They can’t have been your instructor, trainer or coach etc within 60 days prior of the assessment date
    • They can’t be from the same employer or family
    • They can’t have had a commercial relationship with you within 60 days prior of the assessment date
    • The Assessor needs at least 14 days notice to ensure they load the event on the ITM database which gives the Association notice of the assessment.
    • If you choose a “Provisional Assessor”, it is important to clarify with them if there are any caveats/restrictions that you need to be made aware of.
    • Make sure you are physically/medically fit to undertake the assessment – this is the candidate’s responsibility.
    • Virtual assessments may be permitted, under certain conditions including ensuring an on-site ITRA instructor provides safety supervision.
  9. Ensure you read and understand our Assessment Policy. This is known as the ITRA Assessment Charter and is available on ITM
  10. On the day of your summative assessment, your Assessor will provide you a briefing and run through a checklist. Make sure you bring:
    • Your national identification card or passport to confirm your identity; and A copy of your Online Examination Certificate for the Assessor to verify and keep for there records and audit
    • Any other items/equipment as directed by your Assessor.
    • NB: With our new online examination process, ITRA no longer collects an assessment fee at the summative assessment stage. However, your Assessor may charge fees for their time/services at their discretion.
  11. At the end of the Assessment your Assessor will conduct a debrief and provide you an outcome
    • Whether you pass or fail, ensure you get a copy of the signed Skill Assessment Form or take a photo of it once completed as this is your interim proof of assessment.
    • If you fail and you want to appeal the decision, talk to your assessor first. If unresolved, you can lodge an official appeal within 14 days directly to ITRA by contacting us.
    • If you fail there is a stand down period before you can be re-assessed – refer to the Assessment Charter for details.
    • If you fail but you already hold the respective ITRA qualification, a Restricted Operator Notice will be added to your training record/credential check for the remaining period.
    • If you pass, ITRA will email you an electronic version of our official qualification certificate within 14 days of assessment. You then can also download it from your ITM training records tab.
    • If you would like to purchase an optional hard copy certificate with a holograph and seal, or an etched qualification wall plaque, you can order these via the certificate application form.
    • If you would like to purchase ITRA patches, or plastic QR/ID card visit our online store.
    • If your ITM record is not updated within your newly achieved qualification within 21 days, please contact your assessor directly.
    • Your new ITRA qualification is good for three years, however your ITM access and QR code activation requires a current membership (student or above).
  12. Consider your next steps
    • Consider upgrading to become regular member so you can vote and stand for working groups and other opportunities.
    • If you are thinking about becoming an ITRA Instructor, then check out our FAQ for instructor candidates.