Can I be assessed during COVID-19?

Providing local laws and directions of health officials are followed, ITRA Assessments may still be available under specific conditions including virtual assessment.

Before you consider being assessed for an ITRA qualification during the COVID-19 pandemic, please ensure you read our position statement.

Our Assessment Charter does allow for the virtual assessment of candidates under certain conditions, this includes:

  1. The Assessor may undertake an assessment virtually via using real-time online video chat/conferencing method (i.e. zoom or similar)
  2. The candidate must be directly supervised onsite by an ITRA Instructor for the subject and level being assessed.
  3. There must be good internet connectivity to ensure continuity and quality of streaming.
  4. The assessor may need additional time to review footage before providing an assessment outcome.
  5. Video and other files must be securely stored and protected in accordance with local laws and available for moderation by ITRA.
  6. As this can be a time intensive process, the candidate and assessor must be clear about costs and expectations.

For further information about getting assessed, visit our How do I get Assessed FAQ.