Steve Glassey

Steve has been involved in rescue industry since 1993. In 2001, he was the inaugural recipient of the Ian Craig Memorial Grant and went to the US and trained under Rescue 3 Instructor Chris Jonahson. In 2006, he received an award from Rescue 3 International for his capability development in New Zealand, and later in 2014 was named the Rescue 3 International Instructor of the Year. He developed the National Urban Search & Rescue training framework and national qualifications, response team accreditation system, authored the USAR awareness trainer manual, and was one of the first three acting national USAR search dog evaluators along with Paul George and the late Ian Craig. in 2014, he and Geoff Bray became the first New Zealander’s to awarded the prestigious Higgins & Langley Memorial Award for developing the swiftwater body recovery course. He introduced swiftwater flood rescue boat, inland rescue swimming and confined space rescue programmes for Rescue 3 into New Zealand, and was the author and instructor trainer for their Animal Rescue Technician I/II (ARTech), Flood Worker Safety (FWS), and Recreational River Safety (RRS) programmes. Steve has also served operationally with a range of agencies including Ambulance Rescue, USAR Task Force (NZTF1) and the SPCA National Rescue Unit. Steve is the founding and past-president for ITRA.

New Zealand