Geoff Bray

Geoff is well known icon in public safety diving and water rescue having appeared numerous times on the TV Series Water Police. As a Sergeant with the NZ Police, Geoff also an operational dive supervisor with the Police National Dive Squad, recovering dozens of drowned victims every year from various water environments. In 2014, Geoff along with Steve Glassey, also with Rescue 3, were presented the Higgins & Langley International Medal for their co-development of the Rescue 3 Swiftwater recovery specialist programme – the first New Zealanders to receive this prestigious commendation Geoff’s Australian military background made him well suited to lead the delivery of the swiftwater master class to a US Air Force special forces unit and the Queensland Fire & Emergency Service instructors. In 2018, Geoff was bestowed the Auckland Drowning Prevention Individual Champion Award. Geoff is an ITRA Level 3A & 3B Swiftwater Instructor.

New Zealand